Virtual Cinema Experience

Experience new or classic movies and shows in the comfort and safety of your own home, while being immersed in the virtual environment of your preference.

Kick back and watch a movie with a small group of friends, or in a virtual movie theatre with strangers.

Virtual Concerts

Experience your favorite bands performing live, in real time, as if you were physically there!

BVV intends to work with the world’s most relevant musicians, bands, singers and performing artists to host live concerts at the BVV World Concert Hall and Auditorium.

Blockchain encoded tickets in the form of unique NFTs can be purchased on the platform using BVV tokens to gain access to the concert. Participants can enjoy the performance right up front where the performer is using special camera views or enjoy a more natural experience based on their virtually assigned seating location in the auditorium.

Electronic Sports

Users can spectate or participate in live e-sport events and competitions just as they would in real life (IRL), but from the comfort of their own home.

With in-game view displays direct to their virtual reality (VR) headset, mobile app or desktop computer, users can watch players directly on screen from the perspective of the player!

Users can also participate in virtual sports, and gym classes where they can receive realtime instruction from a trainer, while exercising in the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Casinos

Play a variety of games and experience all that our virtual casinos have to offer!

Users can bet and win cryptocurrency, including BVV tokens.

Seminars & Conferences

Businesses, organizations, governments and industry groups can host educational, commercial or corporate seminars, "town hall" meetings, panel interviews, keynote speakers, hackathons or other similar events using our virtual grand auditoriums and ballrooms.

We are designing high concept spaces with large virtual screens, expansive areas and seating for hundreds of individuals.

Trade Shows

Companies can showcase new digital products and software at the world’s first virtual trade show of its kind.

VR games and productivity tools can be showcased in real time, as can other non-VR digital products such as new decentralized apps and blockchain platforms.

Art Auctions

BVV will host live art auctions where bidders can participate and bid against others within a virtual environment. Preview digital art before an auction, and socialize with others as you would IRL.

Auction winners have the option of showcasing their art within the virtual property. NFT-enforced authentication will ensure that replicas are removed, ensuring that any works posted are certified authentic.

NFTS & Merchandising

BVV is a place for creators and artists.

Users can create objects that can be worn and adorned by avatars in the virtual environment – anything from jewelry, clothing, limited shoes, and other accessories can be equipped on any avatar, providing unlimited customization and personalization.

Real Estate Ownership

Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of BVV is the ability to own a virtual property. Property owners can buy commercial units and conduct business in them within the virtual city. They can sell digital goods and services, from things like virtual furniture, sculptures and artwork, to blockchain development services and software.

As mentioned previously, buyers can also own their own residential properties such as any of the apartments or villas within the virtual city. We anticipate that as more participants join BVV, unit availability will decrease. BVV is likely to phase the development of its virtual real estate properties over time, preventing a sudden influx of properties onto the market.


A key aspect of BVV is the potential for social networking in the context of a more interactive virtual environment. Individuals can meet together in a common venue and engage in events or discussions as they would IRL.

Distanced based audio and speech make it possible to listen to someone directly in front of you in the virtual space, whereas other participants at a distance away cannot be heard, ensuring similar mechanics to an IRL environment.

Virtual Reality Gaming

We will allow 3rd party VR game developers the ability to integrate with our virtual environments to create the own VR experiences leveraging our VR engine.

We will provide a full suite of tools including a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable seamless decentralized app integration with BVV.


Individuals can create a life-sized digital replica of themselves within BVV. Users can upload high resolution photos of themselves which can then be digitally imposed to create a realistic digital avatar. This enables familiarity with friends and a more natural and accurate experience for participants.

BVV will provide a basic avatar creator for all participants at no additional cost. For higher quality life-sized digital replicas as depicted in the whitepaper, participants can utilize tokens to purchase NFTs that allow them to create these high quality replicas.